Choose your trekking companion well

How do you choose a companion to endure two weeks of hard trekking, with few creature comforts and limited personal space?

When it came to asking people if they wanted to come, it really came down to two viable options in terms of people who actually might do it.

  1. A fit and healthy friend ten years my junior who climbs, runs his own business, and has been trekking in the himalaya with me previously
  2. A friend about as fit and healthy as me (make your own judgements), is on the flakey side of disorganised, and the last time we went to the hills together we managed only to get to the pub, and even that was a struggle as we were so hungover from the previous night.

Obviously I plumped for number 2. Well actually I asked both and number 1 just couldn’t make it. So who is it? Beccy Reilly,  a friend from way back in school days who I love dearly but mostly seems to act as an alcohol abuse enabler for me. To be fair, I do the same back.

This should be interesting….


2 thoughts on “Choose your trekking companion well

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