Tommy’s & Tickets

So how did I get myself into this? Originally I was just going to go to Scotland and do a couple of Monroes…

Towards the end of last year the company I work for, Bravissimo, picked Tommy’s as the main charity it would support this year. As part of that decision we set a fairly challenging target for the company to raise. 6 months in and its going pretty well, but it had occurred to me that my personal contribution to this effort has been ermm.. shall we say limited.

At the same time as this thought was occurring, I was getting a bit restless. Haven’t had a chance to get out in the hills for a while, so was looking into going up to the Highlands of Scotland for a week. Trouble is, it’s such a long way away it gets costly.

Ullapool, which I was thinking of using as a base, is an 1100 mile round trip just to get to there. The alternate is flying to Inverness and hiring a car there. Again not cheap. Add in costs of UK priced accomodation and it becomes a lot more than just a quick jaunt. At this point I got one of those ‘tempt and tease’ email alerts about a sale on flights. I always check these out, just in case, and I’m glad I do. With a few quick back-of-a fag-packet calculations I worked out it would actually be cheaper (or no more expensive) to do a couple of weeks trekking in Nepal rather than a week in Ullapool. Sorry Ullapool, but you know you’re going to loose that one.

A VERY accommodating wife helped immeasurably here, but a few calls around to see if anyone else wanted to come, a bit of badgering of one of them to make a decision, and a week later the flights were booked.

Back to fundraising for Tommy’s – Tommy’s do partner with a company that does a charity trek to Everest Base Camp. The issue I have with these trips is although you can raise a lot of money, most of the minimum sponsorship they ask for actually pays for your trip – which is kind of like getting your friends to pay for your holiday. You can do a self-funding option, but frankly providing you keep an eye out for cheaper flights they cost a lot more than doing it yourself – and I don’t have limitless spare cash. So I thought, why not just see if I can raise money for Tommy’s doing it independently.

So here we are. On October 16th we fly out to Kathmandu via Delhi. Weather delays and acclimatisation allowing I reckon we should get to base camp around 26th October, and fly back to the UK on 1st November. It’s tight, but do-able.

Flights booked


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