Organisational Challenges, part 2

So dates are set, tickets are booked, we’re both excited. How’s about getting together to have a good old chin-wag to work out detailed itinerary, packing lists, fundraising strategies and what’s the best last snifter to have when closing time is called? Yep, sounds good. Unfortunately we have a teensy weensy problem, in that my trekking buddy Beccy and I don’t exactly live just around the corner from each other.

You see I live in Leamington Spa. A perfectly reasonable, sensible, middle of the road & middle of the country kind of place. Not the most exciting, and if I’m honest I’d rather be in London, but at least London is only an hour or so on the train. The benefit of being central is most things are not too far away. The flip-side is that neither are they too close – particularly awkward here when one wants to go to the coast / mountains – but I can live with that.

Beccy has a different muse. For a long while she lived in Edinburgh, which I can totally understand – it’s a great place. New town is beautiful, there are many many decent pubs, the Fringe can be annoying if you live there but is great if you’re visiting when it’s on, and running along the Waters of Leith after dark trying to get back to your hotel is a wonderful exercise in film noir tension. 

Bit more awkward to pop up for the weekend, but all you had to do was keep an eye on the low cost airline prices and it was no more hassle than popping down to the smoke.

Then she moved to London. Even better. Easier to get to, was doing consultancy there regularly at the time so got to meet up after work too. Long may this continue, I thought.

But no. Now she resides a little further afield. Not a foreign field, but according to Google Maps I can get all the way to Brugges before getting to her current home, Penzance. Here’s the proof;

See, a mere 281 miles, and you also get a bit of a sit down and a meal on the ferry. OK you do end up in Belgium, but Brugge is actually the nice bit.

Whereas to Penzance is an enormous 283 miles. Now that’s taking the piss. And a MacDonalds at the Cullompton Services on the M5 is not a rest stop, it’s a trial.

So, we’re going to have to resort to them modern new fangled techniques to organise ourselves, like email, phones (though mobile service is apparently a bit ropey in Penzance) and Skype.

Failing that, you can fly from East Midlands to Newquay. After all, since quitting my previous consultancy job I don’t feel I’ve been doing enough to keep up my Yeti sized environmental footprint.


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