Everest – let’s make it more tricky, let’s do some Art too

As trekking up bloody huge mountains where partial pressure means at the highest point we’ve only got half the oxygen wasn’t enough, I thought it might be fun to do a bit of an art project at the same time. 

Everyone takes loads of photos when they go to the Himalaya – or anywhere really. The internet is strewn with millions of images of the same place, just from a slightly different angle or with a slightly different person mugging to camera in the foreground

For example,

these are the first three images that appear on an arbitrary google search for the Everest View Hotel, which are actually far more varied than if you just searched for Everest
So, I thought it might be more fun to create something with a little more depth, a little more interesting and that may be a bit more informative too.

What I want to do is take photos, lots and lots and lots of photos, but all of a certain consistency of exposure and framing, a fairly standard distance between each along the trail, so I can composite them together into a full stop-frame movie of the trek.

We’ll have to do some tests to work out best lenses, distances, ways of stopping it being too manic before we go, so I hope to do this on a small scale and post up the results before we ship out to Nepal. I’m hoping we can come up with something that doesn’t look too awful when compared to this;

So anyone fancy funding this movie extravaganza? Thought not. How about just sponsoring me instead.


2 thoughts on “Everest – let’s make it more tricky, let’s do some Art too

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