Erm, can we sponsor the gear?

From the previous couple of posts, you may have ascertained that not only have I committed to a challenging add on to the trek, in the form of a stop frame film, but have also worked out the this was a fairly stupid thing to say ok to.
When it comes to equipment, yes I have the camera, the software back home and a few other gadgets, but this isn’t enough.
You need lots of additional storage. No problem I hear you say, backup is cheap. A basic external hard drive won’t do as these fail above around 4000m, and we’re going to 5600m.
You need lots of batteries. Even though I’ll take rechargeables there are 3-4 day gaps between charge points. And I haven’t even tried to work out how many photos the camera can take on one charge..
So what does this mean in general?
Actually I’m even more determined to do it, just may need to defenestrate some cash along the way. So if you want to help out, here’s a picture of my pretty daughter.


If you don’t donate, her puppy is going in a sack in the river…
It’s your choice….

(note she has no puppy, so it is a fairly empty threat)


One thought on “Erm, can we sponsor the gear?

  1. I would like to point out this is entirely emotional blackmail. However cash-wise all I’m trying to do is get more for the charity. The art challenge, as with everything else on this trip, is funded out of my own pocket.

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