Another video test

So just went out and did another test on the whole stop frame video thing. This latest outing involved me fixing a few of the previous technical errors;

  • Looking through the viewfinder
  • Keeping it in focus
  • Keeping the horizon level

It also involved taking more photos – one every five paces, so the clip below is a composite of around 400 photos rather than the two hundred of the previous.

Considerably smoother, however considerably more faff. Also consider the route for this test, as shown below –

is around 0.9 miles according to google maps. Now not many people measure the Everest trek in miles, as it is more about ups, downs, altitude and time, but I’ve heard 75 miles from Lukla being bandied about. So if we do a simple calculation on this basis, even just taking photos one way (which I now intend to do) you get 33K images. Not to mention knackered arms.

Out of interest I did a comparison between the first and second test eliminating the addition photos (by removing every other photo on the second test) to see how much difference paying attention to the shots. The video below has them side by side – the second one on the left.

Even with the frames taken out, it is noticeably smoother. So down to 17K photos then? Just noticed the battery took a bit of a hit, which is also a worry. Not back to the drawing board yet, but certainly major fiddles with the plan.


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