Have I gone off track?

Looking back at the last few posts, it has occurred to me that I may have gone a little off track. What I mean is that this should be about raising money for charity, and not some vanity art project-come-jolly in the mountains. All a bit self indulgent perhaps?

Perhaps. Then again, this trek was originally just something that a friend and I really wanted to do, and would have done anyway. The idea of filming it is an add on I may have thought of otherwise, but has been triggered by the charity aspect, and I want to follow it through to see where it ends up.

I really do want to raise money for Tommy’s, but if I’m honest I’m not particularly selfless and I certainly haven’t a clue about fundraising. I’m learning, but in the meantime I’m only doing what I can. And hopefully what I can do is keep people interested or entertained enough with what we’re doing to tempt them into donating the odd fiver or tenner to the cause.

p.s. No animals were exploited or injured in the writing of this post….

Oh, and another p.s. if you want to see a decent fundraiser (and contribute) go here


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