Planning…sort of

So at the weekend finally, despite the great distance between us, Beccy and I managed to catch up to do some planning. Given that she lives in Penzance and I in Leamington Spa, the obvious place to meet was Cambridge.

Now there was another reason for catching up, that being the an imminent birthday on the part of my trekking partner. Delicacy (and a probable kick in the knackers) forbids me from stating a number. But it was a good excuse to get together in any case, as we haven’t caught up for a while regardless of our planned trip.

Normally when you want to go through plans for something that is at least fairly challenging, there are quite a few things to think about. You need itineraries, packing lists, contingency & emergency plans, and to decide all sort of important things like who’s going to get the top bunk. Traditionally this is done with a notepad, a fresh HB pencil (with rubber attached), and to keep you going a nice pot of tea and some biscuits. I go for strong English breakfast and some Hob-Nobs personally. With tea, biscuits and a well sharpened pencil you can achieve pretty much anything. That’s all the British Empire was based upon – that and clever commercial exploitation mixed with devious flattery of the local ruling classes, subtly interspersed with brutal repression, of course – but you can’t plan a good crackdown without tea and biscuits. I digress…

However this was a birthday party, and so the refreshments were a little more on the..

potent side. And I don’t remember there being a single Hob-Nob in sight. Disgraceful, I thought. So this, and the distinct lack of books / maps / paper / sharp HB pencils brought meant that the planning was at best limited.

In fact it mostly consisted of talking a load of cobblers and not really achieving anything, other than planning to have a planning session, and perhaps if we can get our arses into gear a training trek up Snowdon together to test pack weights & camera gear as much as fitness. Although I seriously did start having my doubts about the whole thing when Beccy asked where Snowdon was. My facetious answer of ‘Wales’ probably didn’t help.

For your information Beccy, its here

So it was pretty much a case of competition drinking for the evening and regretting it in the morning.


Happy Birthday Beccy

On the proper planning side I have two more pieces of technology that may help with the film; a Freeloader solar battery charger, which according to my calculations won’t be quick enough to charge all the batteries I need but may reduce the attrition, and a shoulder mount to stop my arms from falling off holding up the camera to take photos every 10 seconds.

As you can see below, it makes me look a real  twat  professional.


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