Stumbling towards fitness

As you can tell from the photo I’m feeling pretty chuffed with my progress so far. It was really nice to go out to Philadelphia to train, if somewhat profligate given the aim of raising money for charity. However you have to keep the motivation going, and I would never condone false photographic tricks to persuade potential sponsors I was working hard.

Back in the real world, any efforts to gain some semblance of a training program have been shafted somewhat by social engagements this week. I know, I know, you’re thinking ‘any excuse’ but my brother’s wedding isn’t something I can easily get out of, particularly when I’m both a witness on the wedding day and photographer the next day for the reception. The copious flowing booze doesn’t help – as anyone who knows me will testify, I can resist anything except temptation.

I have, however managed to fit in (in descending order of usefulness)

  • alternate nights 30-40 minute run whilst Lila is being put to bed (as the other nights I’m putting her to bed)
  • 3 days a week speed yomp up and down town between childminder and home / work
  • a couple of times a week quick 20 minute session on the cross trainer in-between times I have to either deal with the girl or the noise would wake her up
  • 1-2 days  week of not actually getting drunk

Written like that, it sounds as if I’m actually making an effort, but I wouldn’t want to mislead you into believing I’m dedicating all my spare time. This weekend we’re going to Paris

Yep that’s the one, with scary dog statues on the top of buildings, pointy bits of scrap metal as cultural anchors and legendarily arsey waiters. I do have two really good excuses for yet another break in any kind of training schedule (if it warrants the name). They are

  1. It is our wedding anniversary – our 18th. We must have got married when we were 12, or I’m so old my memory is failing. Or both.
  2. In France we can avoid the slew of English language 9/11 documentaries on TV. And for f***s sake it’s 11/9 you bloody colonials. How does Month/Day/Year make more sense than Day/Month/Year? At least do Year/Month/Day if you want efficiency and a nice sort order…

Anyway. You can make your mind up which is the better justification. In the meantime, to alleviate all the depressingness in the world at the moment, here’s a unicorn chaser.

And btw, if you haven’t sponsored me yet, donations are still welcome.


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