Training in Leamington

Unfortunately I can’t enjoy the luxuries of ‘training’ in Paris every weekend, so with only a little more than a month to go until the trip, I though it was about time, well actually way beyond time I upped the pace a little and started regular gym sessions.

Now those who know me well, will realise that this is not my normal environs, milieu, stomping ground, place worship or anything else. However, believe it or not I have been (in the past) a member of a gym, and due to general convenience & the fact that it’s quite nice I’ve rejoined Pure. They have all the right kit, open early (not likely) to late (possible), and a nice pool to warm down in.

So today I started. Actually I was pretty pleased. 35 minutes on the bike, 20 minutes running – uphill – on the treadmill and a couple of weights sets followed by 20 laps of the admittedly not olympic size pool. Not bad considering it’s at least a year since my last visit. I expect I’ll pay for it tomorrow.

I tried to find an image to illustrate my session, but unfortunately when I searched for ‘sweaty workout’ this is the only image that came up which is suitable for public consumption.

Deary-me internet, you are so rude.

Anyway, I plan to go every other day until the trip, so will keep going for ‘more intensity’ and ‘feeling the burn’ or whatever other horse-shit phrase is currently in vogue for hurting yourself now to hurt less later.

At this rate, I might even think about giving up alcohol until the trip………

Only Joking!


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