one month to go celebration blog!

Woo Hoo! Only a month to go until we fly to Kathmandu and start our adventure. I feel like I should do a little dance, jump up and down and shout huzzah! at the top of my voice, as I’m getting quite excited about it now.

The only thing dousing my enthusiasm is the amount of stuff left to do before we go.

And that I’m pretty knackered now I’ve started training properly.

And that I’ve got a major project at work to deliver that looks like it is going live 5 days before we fly.

And that I’m still a bit worried about our complete lack of contingency for weather delays on the internal flights, particularly looking at the current Kathmandu weather forecast. It looks suspiciously like the monsoon is still going, which really should have buggered off by now.

Oh well, looking on the bright side, if that work project had been on time I’d originally planned on going out at the end of next week, which could have meant major delays and absolutely no chance of getting close to Everest base camp. At least going a month later there’s a far better chance of stable weather.

It’s also a far brighter outlook than portrayed in the image I found when looking for one to go with this post.

What makes this creepy is it is from one of those oh-so-worthy and deeply spiritual yet somehow very well funded American Christian sites that happens to have numerous helpfully priced packages to distribute the message to other churches. Who could resist the One Month to Live Churchwide Challenge kit, or the perfect gift for your child – a one month to live wristband.

Sorry, just me being cynical. I digress…

So with a month to go, what’s the situation?

Well on the positives, I think that all the organisation and kit list are pretty much there. I’m still waiting for a couple of pieces – a new rucksack currently in the post for one – but I think everything is bought, listed, weighed, calculated etc, at least from my side. As for my companion, that’s anyones’ guess, but we’re meeting up on Monday so I’ll get a better idea then.

For the Film, I’ve got all the technical doohickies, geegaws and whojamaflips you could need – guess which of those I’ve actually got – and I’ve also started to play around with the intro to the film, which I have mostly storyboarded now. Latest test below, which is a first attempt at part of the intro sequence covering the planning & preparation. I call this the Flight of the Memory Cards.

As you can tell this part of the film relinquishes some verisimiltude. I also forgot to reset the white balance so it’s rather orange, but will fix along with doing the rest so I can post the intro up as teaser before we go. By the way, if anyone knows anyone who works at the Heathrow Media Centre, can you tell them they are rude so and so’s as they still haven’t even acknowledged my request to photograph there.

What else is there? Oh yes there is still one thing missing. You. We know who you are..

Come on, give me a bit of sponsorship love. I’m not doing this just for fun.


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