Stop Frame Everest Film trailer

Just to add to the obvious buzz my last post has generated (a pathetically low number of views but beats my previous top daily number), I’ve spent at least an hour putting together a first draught of a trailer for the stop frame film I’m doing.

One of the things I’ve realised doing this is how difficult it is to do a trailer when you haven’t actually shot any footage for the film. This makes me understand (but not sympathise) with the following facts

  • All film trailers bear little resemblance to the film they are advertising, unless they are comedies in which case
  • All film trailers have 95% of the funny bits within so you may as well not bother going to see them, unless they are made a year in advance of a blockbuster summer release, in which case
  • All film trailers are the exact opposite of the meme they propose in the brief imagery you are supposed to use to work out what the hell it is about. And if they trailed it a year in advance, I don’t fancy the chances of it being remotely watchable

Great blog on this by Mark Kermode here by the way.

So with this is mind I’ve made a non-resembling un-funny meme-free trailer in the course of half an evening (music included).


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