Show me the rupees

They say the best things in life are free  (bah bah bah bum)

But you can leave them to the birds and bees, I want money!

(ooh, ooh-eeh ooh – that’s what I want)

It being less than two weeks before I risk life and limb in the nether regions (Not to be confused with Netherlands (disambiguation)) of the third world, I’d like to point out to all and sundry a couple of things

  1. I’m not doing this for my health. The ancillary benefits are no doubt great, but if you know me then the idea of an ‘exercise high’ is about as likely to arise in conversation as ‘I like what Cameron is doing on NHS reform‘, i.e. no chance.
  2. This does actually involve a certain level of risk. Sadly last week one of the tourist flights from Kathmandu crashed, with the loss of 19 lives. This has happened at least once a year since private airlines started in Nepal in 1992, and is unlikely to decrease given the terrain, weather and commercial pressure to keep flying.
  3. There is a secondary risk when going to altitude of cerebral edema or pulmonary oedema due to the reduced air pressure. I am less worried about this, having been high before, and this being in my control in terms of how high we go, but it can hit anyone even if they’ve been high before
  4. I am doing this to raise money, but I am funding myself. This is an mportant distinction compared to other options where the money raised goes towards the trip. I will point out that the linked site does also offer a self-funding option, but most people don’t go that way.
  5. I am doubling up on the self funding by adding in the frankly stupid idea of making a film at the same time. For example; is an utterly pointless wander around the block, but demonstrates the principle I will be using for filming it as stop-frame
  6. Most importantly; I am proudly raising money for Tommy’s

OK, not the Tommy’s I meant, although they do a mean burger, I mean, just look at the diagram –

they’ve got arrows pointing out all the lovely bits of gristle and everything.

Want one..

anyway, I meant to say I was raising money for Tommy’s

Damn, that’s not right either

Let’s face it, no-one is going to donate to a borderline alcoholic to go to a bar… Unless they really do (or don’t) like them…

One last try. I’m raising money for Tommy’s. OK that is a link to my Justgiving page, here’s a link to Tommy’s charity page so you can read it. The most important thing is this –

And I know myself, and for many others it does not.

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