Last minute snagging list…

Apologies for a little delay in recent posts, I assumed that this would be building up to a frenzy in anticipation of our departure. The reality is there is a frenzy of activity, but it is pretty much dealing with all the crap that needs to be dealt with so there isn’t a tsunami of crap when getting back, together with a good old fashioned snagging list

If you’re not familiar with the concept of a snagging list, then you’ve never done any larger scale home improvements or dealt with any kind of builder. It’s basically a “yes, we know it’s not right, we’ll get around to fixing it… eventually… possibly…”  list of faults.

As with any remotely complex enterprise, even though this is not construction, there will always be a snagging list that needs to be worked through. So far they have been relatively painless;

  • Problem – a flight schedule change which meant the return flight from Kathmandu to Delhi arrived 2 hours after the flight to London left
  • Solution – sit gibbering for an hour or so at the thought of another 24 hour delay in Delhi airport. Check other flight options and think about whether to book an alternate return (i.e. spend more money), then find out when calling the travel agent they’ve changed it back again so it’s all ok.
  • Problem – only having 2 hours of ‘government office open’ time to get trekking permits, in the wonderfully labyrinthine bureaucracies of either the Nepal Tourist Board or the Trekking Agents Association of Nepal offices
  • Solution – arrange with a trekking agent to do it for you by email, thereby opening yourself up to all sorts of identity fraud due to the need to email your passport detail page. Spend money to achieve this
  • Problem – realise insurance doesn’t cover trekking over 2000m. We’re going to 5600m
  • Solution – try and read the small print on lots of policies from comparison websites late at night, give up and call a broker in the morning. Spend money.
  • Problem – realise between the departure time of wife & child’s flight to Cyprus and mine to Nepal from Heathrow there is a 13 hour gap.
  • Solution – decide to go separately. Book extra parking. Spend money.
  • Problem – trekking partner Beccy’s hip is sore, worry she won’t be able to trek
  • Solution – hopefully this will calm down. If not, hire donkey / yak / porter,


OK, relatively painless in a kind of spending more money way.

I shall be sending around begging emails shortly, as I still have a distinct lack of people who’ve said they’ll sponsor me who actually have done. It’s NOT THAT DIFFICULT

Apologies in advance if you have.


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