Beccy on the mend, and decision made

Further to yesterday’s post, Beccy is feeling better, but not great. After much soul-searching and thinking about what she can realistically achieve, and what we’re here for, she suggested that I go on whilst she recuperates and then has a gentle wander around the Khumbu.

She will stay here in Namche with our porter DB, and the Khumbu Resort proprietors who are now ‘mama and papa’ to her, having been absolutely brilliant.

I’m going to try to get up to Gokyo on my own, as this is more realistic the EBC now. We will get back together either in Phakding or Lukla at the end of the week. We have phones that can call each other, so should be able to co-ordinate, but also have a meeting place arranged as a backstop.

I’m not entirely comfortable leaving her, but she is definitely better, upright and mobile, but will not be able to do the hard and high trek in the time we have. She’s virtually kicking me out of the door. So hopefully my next post will be saying ‘hurrah, did it, and we’re back together, and Beccy had a great time at slightly lower level’. The film will have to be re-named ‘stop frame Gokyo’, possibly…

Signing off for now.


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