Decision re-made (sort of), back on for Everest

On the last post I said that Beccy was staying in Namche and I was off up to Gokyo – not the original objective. Well Beccy is still in Namche, as far as I’m aware anyway. However after a four hour tramp over the Mong La (4000m) I did a bit of soul-searching the night before last whilst staying in Phortse Tenga. I wondered whether I was wimping out.

After a bit of calculation on days, and on the basis we’ve spent more time acclimatising in Namche than normal, I realised with a bit of gumption I could still make it up to Everest – if not base camp, then at least the Kala Pattar viewpoint, which for most people is the end destination as it is higher and you can actually see the summit.

So this morning I’m sitting in Pheriche (4250m) after a fairly – no make that very – hard slog from Phortse Tenga. Apart from the 600m altitude gain, the path goes up and down like a proverbial (insert favourite simile) and it is a fair distance, plus I’m carrying around 12kg, so starting at 8:30 and with an hour lunch I got into Pheriche at 5:30, roundabout dusk.

Despite the possible altitude issues, I slept the best I have done so far on the trek, and this morning feeling fine. Probably won’t push for Lobuche (4950m) tonight, that most likely would be a bit too much, so looking to stay at Thugla (4650m) which is only a few hours away. Easy day then. At this rate I’ll be looking to be up Kala Pattar on Thursday, and back in Namche on Friday night.

Here’s hoping.

Oh yes, if you’re interested, I’ve taken 17,465 photos for the film so far.


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