5150m – not quite there


There’s wi-fi at Lobuche. That’s weird.
After a fairly lazy start from Pheriche I still managed to get to Thugla (4650m) around 10:30, and had already decided to not push on to reduce the chance of altitude sickness. By around 2 I was kicking myself as I felt great. Never mind, got some nice time.lapse shots of clouds over mountains before it clouded over.
Today the ever amusing slog up the Khumbu glacier’s terminal morraine was not as bcad as I remembered, so got into Lobuche (4940m) at 10. Now thoroughly fed up with lugging my 12kg pack, decided enough is enough and got a room to dump it in, the intention to do a quick dash up to Kala Pattar (5630m) and pick it up on the way down.
At this point I hatched a somewhat ambitious plan to do this today, it only being 10:20 once day pack packed. So off I tramp, reminding myself that you should feel this knackered at 5000m. As it turns out, it was a little ambitious.

I got to the crossing of the Changri Nup / Shar glaciers before midday, probably less than an hour from Gorak Shep, when I realised two things;
1 – at this rate it would be dark before I got back to Lobuche, possibly before I re-crossed the glaciers
2 – although I didn’t have any headache or (unusual for 5000m) breathlessness, I was starting to feel a bit space.
Given that I started Monday morning at 3650m, feeling odd at 5150m on Wednesday morning shouldn’t be that much of a surprise, so I decided best to turn back and go again early tomorrow.
Coming into Lobuche I twisted my right ankle again (first time was coming back from my long day trip to Thame) which for me is a sign I’m tired and not concentrating. This and the clouds coming in reinforced turning around was the right call.
Ankle doesn’t feel too bad, will rest it this afternoon.
Assuming ankle, weather, acclimatisation and ability to get up in the morning all hold, I should be up Kala Pattar looking at Everest tomorrow and back down in Pheriche in the evening.


2 thoughts on “5150m – not quite there

  1. Not read this for a few days (it’s a PLuM job back here!). Hope you get back safely, and the horse tablets are working for Beccy. C

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