Near death experience (sort of)

Well, despite Lukla being stuck in a cloud, said cloud opened for the briefest of periods – still raining mind you – and the lovely Tara Air and their top-gun pilots squeezed a couple of flights between the gaps to rescue us. We got the first of only 3 flights to run today.

There were cheers a plenty when we landed in Kathmandu.

There were also a great deal of rather manic chucklings, slappings on backs and relieved grins. I think I now know how my friend Jim feels about flying. I’m off to indulge in some libations, and will only be able to discuss the matter after it has been thoroughly dulled in my memory through the action of copious amounts of alcohol.

The plus side is that we now can catch our flights home tomorrow, and any delay with them has to be dealt with by them – as opposed to me trying to work out when to change them to by second guessing the mountain weather.

Oh yes, and true to form, the Kathmandu Guest House didn’t have a room. Our booking was on the wrong day in their system. Computer says no.


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