Why Tommy’s?

OK, to be honest this is not exactly something I struggled to decide I wanted to do. Trek to Mount Everest vs a dull October in the UK. However I do for once want to do more than achieve a personal goal.

Tommys is a charity that works to fund research into the causes and prevention of miscarriages, premature & still births. From personal experience this is an area that is woefully underfunded and little understood, yet affects many more people than you may think.

It is only when talking to others I realised how many people have suffered this, and how deep the pain runs. If any can be spared this pain, or even feel less alone through Tommys work, it is money well spent. I know there are so many deserving causes, but this one, for me, is to make a mark for the son we never had. Help me to help others never to have to deal with this.

Please give here


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