The Route

The route to Everest is a well established but not entirely straightforward one.
First, get onto the M40 southbound, then follow this until you hit the M25 – remember to go anti-clockwise. Then get onto the M4 and one junction on you’ll find Heathrow. That’s the easy bit.
There are no direct flights to Nepal, and most involve a stop either somewhere in the middle east or India. We’re going via Delhi, with two different airlines and a relatively short transfer time. Nothing to go wrong there then.
Even once you’re in Kathmandu, you’re a way from the starting line. If you have the time, you can take an ‘interesting’ 8 hour bus ride through the hills to Shivalaya where the road stops, and start walking.
If you want to save yourself a week or two, you take an even more ‘interesting’ 45 minute flight half way, which is what we’re doing.
So here is a map of the standard route, at least from Lukla. For those who don’t know, Lukla is the common start point for trekkers with limited time, as it has the closest ‘airport’ to Everest. The use of quotes in all the previous is deliberate. A lot of things are ‘interesting’ in Nepal.

I did try it on Google maps for fun – unsurprisingly you get no route found, what with it being a hundred miles from the nearest road.


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